Just like clockwork- how to make your operations run more smoothly

As businesses grow and expand their operations, the day-to-day activities are often split into different departments and functions. Logistically, this makes sense, since each department can focus their expertise on optimizing delivery of that particular activity or function. But it can lead to issues with accessibility of information if systems and data become siloed. 

We can liken your business to a vehicle. Like a vehicle, it is only functional if it’s moving in one direction. What happens if a wheel is offset, pointed in even a slightly different direction? In a best-case scenario, the direction of the entire car is affected. Left unaddressed it could end in disaster.  

Likewise, making sure that all the individual elements that make up your business are operating in synchronisation with each other is essential, and failure to keep all of those units pointed in the same direction will undoubtedly take you off track from achieving your business goals.  

But, while many leaders recognize the importance of synchronicity between those moving pieces, they fail to implement strategies and systems that improve the way that those units work together as a whole. Plenty of companies still use spreadsheets or ad-hoc systems to manage their information, reports, business processes and compliance tracking. What does this mean for those companies? 

The information is there, but it’s hard to get to, and requires a lot of time and effort to access and process. That time means unnecessary costs, and tying up precious resources to manually pull and push information within your company to the people who need it. 

One of the challenges is ensuring that each business unit has the right systems to manage their data and processes. Critical information needs to be centralised to provide management with real-time insights when they are making decisions. Thankfully, with the arrival of more Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings in the enterprise management space, it is no longer a question of sticking with the spreadsheets or spending millions on an enterprise solution. Affordable SaaS solutions enable businesses of any size and scale to centralise their data from across business units and local or international sites and operations. This reduces the risk of data gaps impacting the achievement of the strategic ambitions of the company. 

Is your company harnessing the right technology to ensure you stay on track? 

About Totum 

Totum compliance software is designed to help enterprises centralize their information and automate their business processes to ensure compliance requirements are met. Our integrated task management tells your people what they need to do, when they need to do it and provides them with the relevant and up-to-date information at their fingertips to get it done. It’s designed to make the daily operations of your business run like clockwork, reducing time and cost, eliminating the risk of human error and delivering consistency and compliance – on time, every time.  

If you’re curious about what Totum compliance software can do for you and your company, please get in touch for a no-obligation software demonstration.