Compliance less complex

Totum Compliance brings your key business information together in one easy-to-use cloud software solution. With in-built automation, Totum Compliance delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

Totum Compliance is cloud based and provides a centralized and efficient way for companies to manage their compliance requirements. It can automate workflows, reduce manual errors, and improve collaboration among teams. Additionally, it provides real-time visibility into compliance activities, enabling organizations to make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes in regulations. Ultimately, Totum Compliance saves companies time, money, and resources while also reducing the risk of non-compliance.


What is Totum Compliance?

Totum Compliance is an easy-to-use cloud software solution that provides your team with all the key business information right at their finger tips, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Built for scale, this solution will seamlessly grow alongside your business, and with full customisation, no hardware installation, things do not get easier than this.

Our promise

At Totum Compliance we believe in relationships. We work alongside you to provide the support you need to make this the only compliance software you will ever need.
Two workers in a warehouse looking over and evaluating their compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations.

What can I manage with Totum Compliance?

Our modules bring together the elements of your operating environment to seamlessly manage compliance and risk in the context of your business activities. 

Licences and Approvals
Government approvals, permits, concessions, licences, tenements
Laws, Contracts, Standards, Company Policies and Procedures
Enterprise and operational risk
Audit and Assurance
Compliance assurance and reporting
Business process automation, activity and task management
Track and manage your project lifecycle from start to completion

Experience the value of
Totum Compliance

Roles and responsibilities

Foster better accountability by ensuring everyone knows what they must do and by when.

Track activities in real time

Track your business activities, compliance status of obligations, and task management in real time.

Single source of truth

Information is easily shared and updated, ensuring everyone has access to the most up-to-date information.


Automate activity timelines, tasks, reminders and reports to free your teams from admin tasks.

Proactive risk management

Assess where the biggest risks are, and how resources should be allocated to deal with them.

Reduce key person risk

Reduce stress and reliance on key personnel by devolving operational tasks but retaining oversight.

Avoid fines and penalties

Avoid compliance breaches and the significant consequences that can flow from them.

Simplify audit and assurance

Create your audit trail as you go and generate compliance reports at the click of a button.

What our users say

“Using Totum Compliance meant that our obligations were immediately identified and managed from day one when we acquired our New Zealand assets. We now use it to bring the same level of visibility, management and reporting to our whole portfolio.”


“The activity planning and look-ahead we get from Totum Compliance means we are able to be pro-active but also respond and adapt more quickly when things do change, enabling responsibility to be allocated and managed by the right person.”


“Our specific legislation and agreements are loaded in Totum Compliance, with all regulatory obligations and requirements linked to the relevant department and stakeholders – operations, legal, commercial, environmental and risk.”