Discover our compliance management software features

A holistic and automated approach to managing compliance requirements

Integrated Processes

Totum Compliance makes it easy to stay on track with an at-a-glance dashboard and integrated task management

  • Central management dashboard
  • Integrated task management
    • Email notifications and reminders
    • Links to associated information and documents
  • Incorporate templates and guidance
  • Link to documents to complete your audit trail
  • Comprehensive reporting with multiple export formats

Risk management made simple

When it comes to managing risk, context is everything. Larqis ensures your risk identification, assessment, treatment and review is pro-actively managed in the context of your business operations.

By moving your risk register away from static spreadsheets and into a dynamic relational database, you can significantly reduce the time spent on recording, assessing, managing and reporting on risks.

  •     Risk assessment heat maps customised to your organisation
  •     Identification of whether risks are ALARP
  •     Links to associated information and documents
  •     Comprehensive reports with multiple export formats
  •     Integrated task management for treatment plans and actions.

Enterprise groups can be added for your teams, projects or assets

Our Enterprise Module harnesses the power of the Larqis integrated activity, task and compliance management system to enable any part of your business to manage regulatory and contractual obligations, adherence to approval conditions and Standards, and internal approval and process requirements.

By adding links to template documents and other information and guidance, you can provide consistency across teams and locations and ensure knowledge is not lost as your personnel change. Larqis creates your audit trail as you go, reducing the need for time-consuming manual audits and compliance surveys.

Larqis will ensure you get things done on time, every time

These are just some of the features of Larqis that ensure you have a holistic view of your business activities, compliance and risks and can pro-actively manage business and regulatory change.

Timeline views

See your activities on a timeline for smarter logistical and resource planning

Date calculators

Our in-built date calculators ensure you never miss another deadline.

Geospatial views

Visualise your assets and operations with GIS maps

Automated tasks

Automated task generation significantly reduces data entry

Email notifications

Email notifications and reminders ensure you never miss a deadline

Easy reporting

Detailed reporting at the click of a button avoids hours of data manipulation

Cloud software

Access your information from any web-enabled device, any time, anywhere

Simplified audit

Create your audit trail as you go, simplifying internal and external audit processes

Single or multi-jurisdiction

Scalable as your business operations and locations expand