An audit assurance report automatically generated by Totum Compliance software displayed on a Macbook, including charts displaying information about obligation and compliance statuses.

About Totum

Formed in 2013, Totum was born from a desire to harness leading-edge technology to help businesses manage complex regulatory compliance requirements in a smarter way. We believe that effective compliance and risk management is at the heart of every company’s legal and social licence to operate and involves every person in the organisation. The cornerstone of Totum Compliance is helping operational teams confidently manage compliance obligations in their day-to-day operations.

We’re committed to delivering leading-edge technology to help in-house legal, compliance and risk professionals to embed a compliance culture in their organisation and provide the tools for everyone in the business to play their part. Totum Compliance is now used by companies managing assets across the globe, providing them with a holistic and automated approach to managing compliance and risk in the context of their business operating environment.

Image of the Totum Compliance office, with two black chairs in the lobby for visitors to wait on.

What our users say

“Using Totum Compliance meant that our obligations were immediately identified and managed from day one when we acquired our New Zealand assets. We now use it to bring the same level of visibility, management and reporting to our whole portfolio.”


“The activity planning and look-ahead we get from Totum Compliance means we are able to be pro-active but also respond and adapt more quickly when things do change, enabling responsibility to be allocated and managed by the right person.”


“Our specific legislation and agreements are loaded in Totum Compliance, with all regulatory obligations and requirements linked to the relevant department and stakeholders – operations, legal, commercial, environmental and risk.”


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