Obligation module

Pro-actively manage your contracts, government approvals, legislation and company policies. Empower your teams to have at their fingertips key information, so they can make informed decisions.

Regulatory legislation tasks generated and displayed within the Totum Compliance software interface, on a macbook.

Obligations Management

Delivering compliance requirements to the people that need it, when they need it

Add and manage your obligations from all sources:

  • contractual obligations
  • government approval conditions
  • laws and regulations
  • standards and codes
  • company processes and procedures


Allocate responsibilities
  • Auto-generate tasks to manage and operationalize your compliance obligations
  • View, track and report on compliance status of obligations
  • Create your audit trail as teams complete tasks
  • Automatic email notifications for key dates



Did you know?

The Obligations Module works seamlessly with Licence & Permits, Risk, Audit and Enterprise, providing total peace of mind for the whole business.

Maintained legislative content

Taking the stress out of tracking regulatory change as regulations change
  • Available now for Australia and New Zealand, and more.
  • In-built Acts and Regulations in your jurisdiction(s)
  • Monitoring and updating of the legislation
  • Notifications of when legislation is changed
  • History comparison shows you what has been changed

What our users say

“Using Totum Compliance meant that our obligations were immediately identified and managed from day one when we acquired our New Zealand assets. We now use it to bring the same level of visibility, management and reporting to our whole portfolio.”


“The activity planning and look-ahead we get from Totum Compliance means we are able to be pro-active but also respond and adapt more quickly when things do change, enabling responsibility to be allocated and managed by the right person.”


“Our specific legislation and agreements are loaded in Totum Compliance, with all regulatory obligations and requirements linked to the relevant department and stakeholders – operations, legal, commercial, environmental and risk.”


The only compliance software you'll ever need