Enterprise Management module

Company compliance is a vital aspect of corporate governance that ensures organizations operate within the legal and ethical boundaries established by regulatory authorities, industry standards, and internal policies. Automate any process in your business and create long term, sustainable systems for your teams with the Totum Compliance Enterprise Management Module.

A diagram displaying what information is distributed to shareholders- those being legal requirements, company constitution, internal approvals, and processes.

Automate your business requirements

Delivering compliance requirements to the people that need it, when they need it
  • Add and manage groups for your business units, projects and assets
  • Manage and track your business activities and view them on a timeline
  • Auto-generate tasks to manage completion of your activities
  • Operationalise and automate your company processes

The Enterprise Module not only helps teams ensure business compliance, but it also integrates seamlessly with our other modules, creating additional alerts and notifications so that nothing gets missed.

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Did you know?

Adherence to compliance frameworks not only helps protect the company's reputation but also fosters a culture of integrity, trust, and accountability. Effective compliance programs encompass a robust system of policies, procedures, training, monitoring, and reporting mechanisms, designed to prevent, detect, and remediate instances of non-compliance. By fostering a culture of compliance, companies can mitigate legal and financial risks, bolster stakeholder confidence, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. As regulatory landscapes become increasingly complex, proactive investment in comprehensive compliance measures is essential for the long-term success and sustainability of any organization.

What our users say

“Using Totum Compliance meant that our obligations were immediately identified and managed from day one when we acquired our New Zealand assets. We now use it to bring the same level of visibility, management and reporting to our whole portfolio.”


“The activity planning and look-ahead we get from Totum Compliance means we are able to be pro-active but also respond and adapt more quickly when things do change, enabling responsibility to be allocated and managed by the right person.”


“Our specific legislation and agreements are loaded in Totum Compliance, with all regulatory obligations and requirements linked to the relevant department and stakeholders – operations, legal, commercial, environmental and risk.”


The only compliance software you'll ever need