Pro-actively track and manage your Project lifecycle from start to finish.

Designed to help companies to keep track of all project information, simply. Totum Compliance allows easy access to relevant project information to the people who need it, when they need it. Stay on track with all project requirements, renewal and expiry dates and assign key responsibilities to project activities, and project tasks.

Permit details including a GIS map of the relevant area generated and displayed within the Totum Compliance software interface displayed on a macbook.

We make it simple

This module helps you keep track of your operating licences, requirements and conditions. Whether you do business in one country or globally, Totum Compliance brings all of your information together in one easy to use platform, ensuring nothing gets missed.

The benefits.

  • Add and manage your projects and assets within a single jurisdiction or a global portfolio
  • Capture, share and track critical information:
    • participants
    • expiry dates and milestones
    • conditions
    • history and events
  • View and access your projects/assets from a GIS map
  • Manage and track your activities and view them on a timeline
  • Auto-generate tasks to manage obligations and deadlines
  • ‘Set and forget’ annual and periodic tasks for reporting and fees obligations
  • Automated task and date calculation for operational activities and event-based compliance requirements

Instant visibility of your business operations

Our modules bring together the elements of your operating environment to seamlessly manage compliance and risk in the context of your business activities. Totum Compliance allows you to capture, share and track critical information:

    •  Project holder information

    • Grant, lapse, renewal and expiry dates

    • Conditions and requirements

    • History and events

    • View and access from a GIS map

    • Manage and track activities and view them on a timeline

    • Auto-generate tasks to manage compliance

Multiple regulatory regimes

Managing projects, assets and operations in the energy and resources sector is challenging, whether your assets are all in one place or spread across different countries or states.

Totum Compliance is the compliance and risk solution specifically designed to address the challenge of managing different regulatory and contractual obligations for different assets.

The software seamlessly scales with your business as you acquire and divest assets around the globe.

Operationalising compliance

Totum Compliance turns your projects, obligations, contracts and risks registers into a powerful activity management tool, making it simple for your operational teams to confidently manage compliance obligations on the ground, while head office has all the insights they need for timely and confident decision-making.


Did you know?

The Projects module works seamlessly with our other modules. Create links to Permits & Licences, Obligations (Contracts, Approvals, Legislation, Company internal sources), Risks, and Audit tasks to create triggers and actions and get and overall view of your whole of business compliance.

Active management throughout all phases of a project or asset

Regulatory requirements are in play throughout planning and feasibility stages, construction and development stages and decommissioning of an asset. With Totum Compliance you can proactively manage all phases of the asset or project lifecycle

• Approvals management
• Activity / event management
• Task management
• Notifications and reminders
• Timeline Reporting
• Exportable to xlxs/word/pdf

Two workers in a warehouse looking over and evaluating their compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations.

Effectively manage your obligation compliance

Use Totum to make obligation compliance management easy

With automatic updates to obligation data, checklists, and reporting, you’re always in control. As your company’s obligations evolve, Totum Compliance can be easily customized to meet your ever-changing requirements. Empower your teams to know their requirements coming, and automate and digitalise your processes so you never have to worry again.

Key features

Manage complex regulations

Cater for complex operations across multiple jurisdictions, differing operating environments and joint-venture arrangements.

Full Project lifecycle

Manage your licences and commitments from planning through to decommissioning.

Avoid fines and penalties

Totum helps you avoid compliance breaches and the significant consequences that can flow from them.

Reduce reliance on key staff

Totum empowers your operational teams to confidently manage a complex range of regulatory, contractual and internal process requirements.

Save valuable time

Totum automates activity timelines, task creation, email reminders and report generation, freeing your teams up to do more valuable things with their time.

Timeline views

See your activities on a timeline for smarter logistical and resource planning.

Email notifications

Email notifications and reminders ensure you never miss a deadline.

Geospatial views

Visualise your assets and operations with GIS maps.


What our users say

“Using Totum Compliance meant that our obligations were immediately identified and managed from day one when we acquired our New Zealand assets. We now use it to bring the same level of visibility, management and reporting to our whole portfolio.”


“The activity planning and look-ahead we get from Totum Compliance means we are able to be pro-active but also respond and adapt more quickly when things do change, enabling responsibility to be allocated and managed by the right person.”


“Our specific legislation and agreements are loaded in Totum Compliance, with all regulatory obligations and requirements linked to the relevant department and stakeholders – operations, legal, commercial, environmental and risk.”


The only compliance software you'll ever need