How is Totum Compliance different?

Your compliance obligations need to live and breathe in the context of your business operations. The Totum Compliance solution is a powerful, flexible, secure, enterprise system that can adapt to your specific operations in ways that other software simply can’t. You can manage just about anything, from licences, contractual requirements, government approval conditions, internal processes to international standards – using automated processes to do the heavy lifting.


With our solution, you can say goodbye to your fear of the dreaded end-of-year audit. Compliance is managed and tracked in real-time, meaning you have all the information you need – when you need it – and create your audit trail as you go.

“Previous discussions with six different companies only resulted in cookie-cutter solutions which were not suitable or flexible enough. The value Totum showed me lay in their current platform which we could build on and integrate all the necessary registers from risk to compliance and legal commitments and obligations. Totum’s solution was well thought through from an end-user perspective.”

– HSEQ Manager

How it works

Step 1 - Input

We help you take all of your legal and contractual obligations and add them to your obligations register.

Government Approval Conditions

Joint Venture Requirements

Laws and Regulations

Landowner and Native Title Obligations

Standards and Codes

Company Policy and Procedures

Step 2 - Cohesion

The obligations are mapped to your locations, operations and timeframes.
Jurisdiction-based compliance

For companies operating in multiple jurisdictions, managing compliance becomes more compliance with each additional jurisdiction. Totum Compliance seamlessly maps the right compliance obligations to your operating locations and sites.

Activity-based compliance

In energy and resources, many compliance requirements are activity-driven or event-driven making them difficult to manage. Totum compliance delivers your compliance obligations in the context of your activities, meaning the right information is always at your fingertips.

Time-based compliance

Many compliance requirements are triggered by the dates you are carrying out activities or the occurrence of certain events. Totum Compliance calculates your compliance dates for you and updates them automatically as your logistical planning changes.

Step 3 - Output

The right information is delivered to the right people, at the right time.

Task list

Due dates




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