Why accountability matters, and what to do about it

All companies want their employees to do their best work. Businesses use many motivational tactics to get their staff to work hard.   

Regardless of what motivational strategies are employed, accountability is vital to a team’s effectiveness and productivity. Think of oil in an engine- it keeps it running smoothly and without friction. In the same way, frictionless teams are maintained by ensuring that everyone knows who is responsible for doing what.  

When people are accountable directly, they are more likely to complete a task successfully and to a high standard. Integrating accountability into your business processes and task management in your organization also helps you measure progress and performance on day-to-day activities more accurately, allowing the decision-makers to make informed decisions about how to drive the business forward.  

Bare minimum work culture 

What does an organization with poor accountability look like? ‘Bare minimum’ work cultures can develop on their own in companies where management doesn’t emphasize accountability. People may finish their tasks to their lowest acceptable level, or point the finger at others for a failure to complete tasks, affecting your bottom line and the company’s reputation. A ‘bare minimum’ work culture can fly under the radar and remain unaddressed for a long time.   

It can be a complicated task to address workplace accountability issues. But this is an essential step if you want to ensure that your employees are producing consistently high-quality work and the business is complying with all of its obligations and running smoothly.   

How to fix it 

The most effective way to institute a culture of accountability is by making responsibilities visible to employees and managers and starting a dialogue.  A reluctance to be responsible or accountable can arise from a lack of training. Not having the resources required to deliver the task at hand can also cause a lot of stress, leading to these types of problems. With the right technology, those concerns can be addressed by ensuring the relevant personnel have all the information and resources they need to be able to complete their tasks. When done right, it gives managers and employees the sense of accountability and structure they need to get the job done well while feeling fully supported to deliver the expected outcomes.  

About Totum 

Totum’s software is built around the idea that every employee in an organization should be aware of their responsibilities, and have access to the information required to complete their assigned tasks. Our solution is designed with accountability in mind. Tasks and activities are all tracked, with the right information provided to the right people at the right time. With accountability built in, nothing gets missed. Information on who is doing what and when is delivered to everyone who needs to know.   

Our customers love the fact that everyone knows who is doing what, by when. If you are looking to improve your company’s task management, feel free to reach out to us at Totum. We will be happy to have a chat with you about what our software can do to help you.